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  1. Our main sponsor is TerraHOST AS Norway ! Thanks to them we can run everything you see and much more ! If you wish to see they're offers click on the link : www.terrahost.no
  2. Hey there , if you need a forum section for your mu online server you came to the right place. We do not charge for this and we offer full control to your section! You wont need to host it any were else and we offer our support for any type of customization you need! How you can request a section ? well its really easy . Use the following form to open a new topic in here and we will create it in less then 10 minutes after you posted your request.
  3. Mu-Online.Club is a community forum dedicated to share and help everyone develop and promote they're own Mu Online Servers. Our goal is to gather all the necessary files/clients/tools that do not have viruses and are in good working conditions and share them to the community. We offer as well a dedicated section for your Mu Online Server in witch you can run your forum and post everything about your server , as well as allow your players to communicate with each others and share they're opinion about your mu server. We dream to reach 10.000 members in the next 2 months therefore we will be running daily events with amazing prizes like : random steam keys , random premium steam keys , steam cash , premium dmn cms templates and muwebengine templates and much more ! Welcome and feel free to provide any feedback
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